這是一個有關 時間探索 的設計概念表達。




設計靈感來自 時間簡史(A Brief History of Time)

This is the conceptual expression of design about exploration of time.

The intangible and inconspicuous atmosphere is developed in the confined space consisting of black glass and dark cabinets; only dark shades are displayed on the white wall on which no light is projected; the gray cement textures geometrically split on the ground level mean raw constituents; the obscure space represents unknowns, arcane knowledge and visual aspects encoded technologically and lights from the space seemingly direct us to speculate.

“Time” traveling all things on earth has been detailing causalities about future or since time immemorial quietly; the relationships between lives and the universe are comprehended from exploring the “beginning of time” itself.

The design is inspired from “A Brief History of Time”.