White Ind.(白藝居)




白藝居(White Ind.),一個協同屋主設計的專屬領域,一個嘗試描繪 懂得享受生活品味 的工業美學空間。

In addition to enjoying scientific inventions, we also appreciate discussing aesthetics and design.

In the open-concept dining area, a custom stainless steel island serves as a focal point, bringing together the joyful laughter of the family on a daily basis.

Embracing the essence of creative industrial design, against the backdrop of white textures, the homeowner’s personally selected vibrant artworks are incorporated, adding a touch of brilliance like the perfect finishing stroke of a painting.

White Ind., a collaborative endeavor with the homeowner, is an exclusive domain that aims to depict an industrial aesthetic space for those who understand the art of enjoying life’s pleasures.